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Corporate Events

FORE corporate golf events bring people together. Each event is a fun and engaging opportunity to make connections, build networks, do business, and make friends while golfing.

Why use FORE Management Group?

FORE removes the administrative burden from your company handling your event through all stages, pre-event, event operations, and event reports. Whether you are a sponsor or hosting your own corporate golf day, FORE offers a one stop service ensuring you are provided with unbeatable service.

What we offer
Live Scoring

Players have real-time access to the leaderboard, so you get consistent and active engagement.

Event Planning

From helping you choose a golf course to designing all event collaterals, we've got all the prep covered

Personalised Services

From custom scorecards to a bespoke set of activities according to the format of play you choose, we can take care of it

Full Event Management Services

From setting up live scoring for your corporate golf day to taking care of registration and awarding ceremonies, we're there

The fun FORE brings to your corporate golf day

For every corporate event, our goal is to ensure that you enjoy a carefree day playing golf and networking with your guests, clients, and partners. We'll take care of all the event details from start to finish so you don't have to. Here’s how we do it:


We'll prepare a thoughtfully curated set of activities that you and your guests will look forward to.


We'll complete your event by supplying custom items made just for you, from golf clothing and player goody bags to printed golf balls and competition prizes.


Through official photo and video documentation, we'll make sure the memories you make on the green will last for years to come.

The FORE Expertise

FORE is proud of its stellar track record when it comes to managing golf events of every nature. Prestigious pro events need only the best in terms of preparation and execution, and our broad range of services cater to each tournament’s specific needs.


From liaising with golf courses to ensuring that the green is fully ready for golfers, FORE has all the prep covered.


FORE creates buzz for each tournament with carefully planned marketing and promotional strategies aimed at drawing crowds to the event.


FORE constantly manages hundreds of volunteers at any given pro event, ensuring that they are fully trained for their respective roles.

Get in Touch

We’re available to answer any questions that you may have. Please reach out to us and a FORE golf event expert will get back to you soon.

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