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Inside the ropes of volunteers 2024 - Their Story...

Volunteer insight of the Honda LPGA Thailand Classic 2024 - Volunteer Program
Justin Goforth
May 13, 2024
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Professional Golf
Volunteer Management

February and March of 2024 saw two of Fore’s largest volunteer events to date, the Honda LPGA Thailand Classic. In June of last year (Not All Heroes Wear Capes…Some Wear Bibs; June 2023), I attempted to put into words, what it was like to be a volunteer at a professional golf tournament. I say attempted, because while I have been a volunteer for numerous events, occasions, and even for an army, I’ve never been a volunteer at a golf tournament (I’ve had one paid volunteer role, so that doesn’t count).  Rather than emulating the definition of insanity; I’ll step away from the keyboard for a while and let the experts take over and tell their own story in their own words…..


My name is Tao(Paul), it’s been three days since I’ve started working, and I'm just getting in the rhythm. Despite a few minor bumps, I feel quite comfortable here, having worked in the area last year’s event as well. Transitioning to learning new things hasn’t been much of a challenge, especially with the amazing teamwork among my colleagues. Tasks were clear, which makes the job more manageable, and I appreciate the companionship that is shared within my fellow workers.

As today marks the start of the tournament, I approached it with a mix of confidence and anticipation. Though the workload seems heavier, I feel more prepared than I normally do on any other days. Throughout the day, I juggled between responsibilities and lending a hand in other departments during brief breaks. Furthermore, I am grateful for the adaptability of my colleagues and the cooperative atmosphere that runs through event days.



Jaques - Another day begins at the golf course, and I’m filled with excitement. As a volunteer for the entire tournament, today I am starting my role as a walking marshal, assigned to accompany players from start to finish which will be my responsibility throughout the four-day event. I try to seize every opportunity to engage with the official, and I am eager to expand my knowledge of the game’s rules and regulations. Working for many days straight I prioritize my physical ability and try to stay hydrated and sun protection to sustain my energy. The atmosphere is filled with tension and excitement. Witnessing the golfer's focus and determination, it fulfills me with joy and knowing that I was a part of the journey.  These are the memories that I would like to be cherished forever.



Steve  - Making my way to the 10th tee, I found it helpful to have the player names available, allowing me to familiarize myself with the competitors and provide accurate details for the TV production team. The heat was scorching which made the crowd control challenging, but I adapted and ensured that the spectators were going to the designated area. With the last picture sent to TV HQ, I allowed myself to relax, knowing that I have completed the task that I was assigned to do. We spent time observing the players tackle the course’s challenges.



Jacques - On the last day of the tournament, a sense of excitement in the air, along with anticipation. The weather, the heat, and the crowd are all elements contributing to the atmosphere of the event. For us volunteers, the routine for each day is similar, yet the stakes get higher and higher getting to the final day. We arrived at the golf course prepared and eager to fulfill our duties. Assigned as walking marshal. I embark on my fourth day around the course, shadowing the golfers. As we approach the final holes, the champion emerges, greeted by the cheers and applause while emotions run high. The awards ceremony came to an end, back to the volunteer HQ to reflect on the days of the event. It’s been a journey filled with tension and joy, this is an experience that I’ll cherish for years.



Steve - Arriving at HQ with another early tee time, we followed our routine but with the interest of players. Despite the heat on the 10th tee, I felt more at ease in my role, enjoying the friendly exchanges between players and caddies. Returning the sheets to TV HQ, we had the unexpected pleasure of meeting the production team, who showed gratitude for all our hard work. Watching the leading groups come through, I couldn;t help but feel a sense of pride and joy being part of the tournament. Standing on the 18th fairway, witnessing a moment of triumph as Patty chipped in close, sending the crowd into a frenzy of cheers. Returning to the volunteer HQ, I couldn’t help but reflect on the success of the past four days. I was thankful to everyone who played a role in making it all possible. As the days came to an end, emotions remained high, and I celebrated the memories made during this extraordinary experience.



Mena - Sunday and the last day of the competition. But today we woke up at 5:30am early. The sun was very hot today, but it didn't matter because it was a lot of fun. The last day was more crowded than on Saturday. The work is the same, TV is very exciting. Graduated from TV  We also walked to help with the competition of the Patty group. It was a lot of fun, cheering with Patty and helping out until the end of the event and the competition, and then Patty was the winner of the competition. So much fun. Sunburn to the point of burning this skin, so to speak, the color of coffee is bright. If there is a chance, we will go again.


Tao (Paul) After 6 days of working, this is the last day of the event. I feel like it is done today, so 7 days of work has been a lot of fun and a lot of memory. I packed things up from my hotel and did the same thing as the other day. The work is still the same but the highlight of the event is at the end of the tournament all of the volunteers need to come together at 18 green and celebrate with all spectators, staff, and champion of the tournament at this hole. We saw Pro Patty still in the leader position but not by a lot of score. So we need to look what gonna happen winning or playoff, but after we saw last chipping from 18 hole everyone at the place are known from this moment that this year champion gonna be patty. The atmosphere is really hype up and the best thing is this is the second time Thai people get this award since we nearly got it last year, and also this is the part of the event that we felt full for our hard work. After all the photo shooting, every volunteer is going back home but I still have 1 more job to do on dinner. I have fulfill myself and done my duty successfully(and messed up), and after I finish all my work it is time for me to go back.

And lastly, I have something for any volunteer that wants to join in this amazing event next year, that I hope you can benefit from. For golf tournament time is a really important thing please be on time. Please keep drinking water and electrolyte on the golf course. And lastly, sleep well and you need a lot of energy. With concern for everyone.

The hardwork and dedication of all volunteers, surpasses all expectations. Sacrificing their free time to ensure the events run smoothly, as without volunteers there would be no event. Fore takes pride in ensuring the volunteers feel loved and well looked after. As Fore move forward to our volunteer management journey, we ensure that we improve and learn from every program making sure all our volunteers have an amazing experience.

Thank you to all the volunteers who took part in making the event successful and fulfilling their parts on the course. The Fore team is already planning and working on volunteer opportunities in the near future.

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