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8 reasons why you should host a corporate golf day

Rid your company of the usual 9 to 5 dull and host a sunny corporate golf day! Let FORE experts help you create a memorable day on the green for you and your clients.
Justin Goforth
March 12, 2020
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You probably know someone that regularly plays in corporate golf events or hosts them as part of their annual marketing budget. The benefits of hosting a corporate golf day are a plenty and we have listed a few below which has come from direct feedback from our clients.

1. Quality client time

With the business world moving fast, it can sometimes be difficult to arrange meetings with your clients or potential customers because there simply isn’t enough time in the day. A corporate golf day is the perfect way to spend quality time in a relaxed manner and get to know your clients on a more personal level. It also gives them the chance to meet your other clients who can explain more about the relationship you have with them and what service you provide. Thus, they effectively become part of your sales team for the day and if you’re confident in your product/service then, why not?!

2. Strengthen networks

By pairing two of your attendees together can help to create a solid relationship and strengthen not only your network but theirs too. They are likely to remember how they met and be grateful that such an opportunity came around. For example, pairing your external accountant with one of your small growing clients would be a perfect fit for doing this. The long-term benefits that can come from a corporate golf day are endless.

3. Know-how

With Fore as your event management company, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands. The smooth and professional execution of a well-run golf event will reflect on your business and remind your clients of the service and quality levels that your company provides. We will take care of the details and running of your event so that you can focus on what really matters, your clients and their golf day experience.

4. Get ahead of your competition

With a Thailand golf day, you have the chance to distinguish your company from your competition. We work diligently with you or your team to make sure that your corporate golf day is the one that your current and prospective clients want to attend again and again.

It’s possible that at the end of the day people won’t remember exactly what you said or did, they will certainly remember how you treated them and made them feel.

With our diverse range of formats and creativity, we help you to bring something different to your event each year, whether it’s having the chance to ‘beat the pro’ on a par 3, halfway house refreshments or even a BBQ between the 9th and 10th holes, a trick shot show or a coaching clinic. Create memorable moments for your clients, they will then associate these feelings with your business.

5. Increase your brand awareness

A corporate golf day is a fantastic way to build your brands awareness and provides the perfect opportunity for your guests to tell their friends, colleagues, partners etc. what a great event yours was. Plus, by having one of our professional photographers for the day to capture the moments from the point where your guests are greeted upon arrival, right through to presentations and awards at the end of the day will give you some fantastic pictures and footage. Create a Facebook album, uploaded to your website, or even send a personalised email to guests afterwards so they can download them and recall the day’s events.

6. Social Media Coverage

In a world where shares, likes and engagement are the directive, you will have your guests reminding their colleagues of what a great time they are having and sharing their experience with their friends and industry connections every step of the way. The perception that social media has on individuals, groups and businesses is huge and is very effective. With endless amount of photos and video footage collected from the day, you will be able to lock and load this ready for sharing in the crazy world of social media.

7. Creating Content for the Future

Thanks to the media coverage the Fore team will provide of your corporate golf day, your marketing team will have a ton of content that they can use. Whether its used to create a campaign or for another purpose, it is entirely up to you. You can even use your guests date of birth from the event registration to send a personalized birthday card with a photo of them at the event.

8. Gratitude

Although your corporate golf day may not bring you some immediate benefits, corporate outings are a fantastic way to show your thanks and gratitude to your existing clients for their business. They are also great for building loyalty and continuing relationships which are key for any successful business to have.

At FORE, we offer all of our clients the opportunity to choose from a variety of golf tournament formats to ensure you and your group play a format which suits your needs most.

Let Fore Management Group’s corporate golf day experts at help you create a properly executed, professional and memorable corporate golf day that your clients will remember for all the right reasons. Book your event today and get 30% off!

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